The Evidence Prime team are always open to new challenges. We embrace the opportunity to work with other stakeholders in the health care domain to develop fresh IT tools, systems and software. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs. We can help you by creating some out-of-the-box solutions to quickly  advance your health care decision making.

Evidence Prime’s primary product is GRADEpro, an all-in-one web solution to easily summarise and present information in health care decision making. It supports the creation of summary tables for systematic reviews and health technology assessments. It also facilitates the development of clinical practice guidelines and recommendations for public health or health policy

GRADEpro was designed in partnership with a range of methodologists from the GRADE Working Group and the DECIDE project. It is currently used by over 22,000 experts worldwide. For more information, visit:

PanelVoice is an add-on to GRADEpro. It streamlines the management of guideline panel activity by simply and easily facilitating online decision making.

  • performs the whole decision making process online.
  • can be fully customized to suit your needs.
  • allows you to send recommendation to members before your meeting, ensuring your meeting time is as efficient as possible.
  • eliminates bias and pressure-voting by using anonymous email forms.
  • automatically gathers and calculates results for you. Access your results at any time.
  • runs on all systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

For more informations see also GRADEapps website

Evidence Prime’s product catalogue also features our Database of Evidence Profiles (DBEP). The DBEP is an online database that allows authors of clinical guidelines and other health care recommendations to share their work instantly. It is fully integrated with the GRADEpro and was developed as part of the GRADE Working Group DECIDE project funded by the European Union.