Innovative and reliable improvements for health services

Since its inception, Evidence Prime has provided health care professionals with world-class products aimed at streamlining the process of health care decision making. We work hard to give you the most advanced and innovative tools available to ensure your time is used as efficiently as possible.

Evidence Prime is a collaboration between McMaster University – a leading Canadian academic institution – and a group of committed, experienced Polish IT professionals. We joined forces with the aim of becoming the market leader in creating innovative IT tools for evidence-based health care professionals.

Our unique union allows us to draw experience from two domains – health and IT. Our blend of knowledge enables us to create ingenious products that streamline the decision making process of evidence-based health care.

We were very fortunate to secure funds from McMaster University to support us to develop our cutting-edge IT tools. These tools are freely accessible to the worldwide academic community. We are also proud of our association with the GRADE Working Group. We continue to collaborate with Working Group advisors to achieve the best methodological quality.

Our core products


Tool for guidelines developers and authors of systematic reviews is an easy to use all-in-one web solution for summarizing and presenting information for health care decision making. It supports creating concise summary tables for systematic reviews and health technology assessments as well as facilitates development of clinical practice guidelines and other documents making recommendations for public health or health policy decisions.

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Is an add-on to GRADEpro, that streamlines the guideline development process by simply and easily facilitating online decision making.

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Database of Evidence Profiles (DBEP)

Is an online database that allows authors of clinical guidelines and other health care recommendations to share their work instantly.

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