We are a high-tech software startup, creating innovative tools for Evidence-Based Health Care.

Company Highlights

the best EBHC expertise

Evidence Prime is built on the vast Evidence-Based Health Care competences provided by McMaster University, the cradle of the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and home to the founders of the GRADE Working Group.

we dare to be geek

We are computer software geeks and we admit it. We love software and we know how to make cutting edge software that actually works. For your benefit.

innovative and disruptive

We came to market to innovate and disrupt and to provide the health care professionals with tools and services they would probably not imagine possible. To give the world better health recommendations.

support to the EBHC community

We build tools basing on the knowledge built by many academic experts for years and we provide this community with the tools they need. Most of this for free.

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Our Projects



The GRADEpro GDT (formerly named The GDT) is a all-under-one-hood solution for the authors of health care guidelines and a support system for the authors of systematic reviews (e.g. for authoring of Summary of Findings). It is a direct successor of the former GRADEprofiler (GRADEpro v. 3.0) – Windows-only software. GRADEpro GDT is developed by Evidence Prime for and under close collaboration with the GRADE Working Group. It is offered free of charge for non-commercial projects as Evidence Prime’s contribute to the Evidence-Based Health Care community.

GRADEpro GDT is also an extendible and flexible framework, which may be adapted to the needs of individual institutions, both those who follow the GRADE approach and those who do not.

The tool is available at www.guidelinedevelopment.org

  • Free of charge for non-commercial use
  • Supports GRADE methodology and more
  • Enables group work
  • Works online and offline
  • 100% HTML
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The Database of Evidence Profiles


The Database of Evidence Profiles (DBEP) is an online database allowing authors of guidelines and other health care recommendations to share the products of their work with other authors, worldwide and stimulates interoperability between various tools used in the EBHC. It is a product of the GRADE Working Group prepared as part of the DECIDE research project funded by the European Community.

  •  Free of charge, open to anyone
  • Integrated with the GRADEpro GDT
  • Uses standardized data formats approved by the GRADE Tech Group
  • Enables cooperation between authors
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Systematic Reviews Tools


The Systematic Reviews Tools are a new and innovative range of products improving quality of work for authors of systematic reviews and HTA reports.

The main product highlights:

  •  Free of charge for scientific and non-commercial work
  • Integrated with the GRADEpro GDT
  • Extensive support for group work
  • Works online and offline
  • 100% HTML
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Recently implemented

The most remarkable recent product updates.

Each week some new features are being added to our products. Here are some of the most remarkable. Please see our blog or social media sites for a full list of updates.

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GRADEpro GDT Video Tutorials

GRADEpro GDT Video Tutorials

Video-tutorials for GRADEpro GDT and GRADE process are available on YouTube.

Project administration panel

Project administration panel

Control your project from an administration panel



2-steps screening process

Reference deduplication

Reference deduplication

The Reference Management module also handles entry deduplication

Reference Management

Reference Management

Gather and utilise your references in a simple but powerfull module

Questions management

Questions management

"Drag and drop" questions management, including items grouping

Mobile app preview

Mobile app preview

A preview of a mobile app in the browser and at a real smartphone

GRADE Handbook

GRADE Handbook

An interactive GRADE handbook is now avaliable from inside the tool



A "walkthrough" tutorial helps new users get to know with the application

CoI management view

CoI management view

New Conflict of Interest management view

Contextual help

Contextual help

Context help now avaliable on a right click on an evidence table field

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