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Evidence Prime’s trips - 29 January 2018

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The new year has already bloomed, but we want briefly remind where you had met us in 2017.

April 26-28: extremely important meeting for quite a team from Evidence Prime in Rome. Our Product Development team and Systematic Review team participated GRADE Working Group Meeting. A unique occasion to meet the fathers of GRADE and experts in other evidence-based medicine fields. Opportunity to get feedback and collect software needs of top guideline developers and methodologists from all over the world.

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From evidence to policy making - 23 November 2017

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How to keep people alive and in the best possible health?

Whether you are a methodologist, a physician or a statistician, you would like to find your work useful and beneficial. The field in which we would like to make the most impact by using GRADE methodology is medicine, and the goal of medicine is to keep people alive and in the best possible health for as long as possible. To achieve this goal, we conduct systematic reviews and develop guidelines, and use available tools to verify the available data and to tailor recommendations to patient preferences and local conditions. Evidence Prime is developing software that partly automates and accelerates systematic reviews and guidelines development. The purpose of well-documented, evidence-based policy is to enable patients to benefit from the latest advances in scientific research. How to efficiently and effectively implement this knowledge within the health care system is not an easy question. Unfortunately, in few countries, even well-developed ones, there is a system of “early information”. This is not just because the health-care machine has a lot of inertia; the problem goes much deeper, and also higher up at the administrative level.

To use the analogy of the human body: The head has to hear and understand what the scientists have to say. Then the heart must initiate the action by pumping blood into the arteries. Then the limbs start moving. Before making changes to medical policy, first the decision makers need to understand the evidence and need to want to make the changes. Read More

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PanelVoice: examples of use - 20 October 2017

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GRADEpro and its modules are engineered to improve the work of methodologists, stakeholders and experts in the field of evidence-based medicine, especially in developing guidelines or systematic reviews. While using GRADEpro and PanelVoice you can work online or offline, on a computer, notebook or mobile device.

We’ve tried to make the use of the add-on as intuitive as possible. Take a look at the examples on how to use PanelVoice to secure your decision-making flow:

  1. A methodologist prepares research evidence and proposed judgments for the assessment section of the iEtD. The proposed judgments are sent before the panel meeting to the panel group to gather their feedback and identify possible disagreements. The type of recommendation and the final recommendation text is formulated during the meeting and will not be sent through the forms.

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