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New option to export whole GRADEpro project - 26 November 2019

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Group licenses comes with various usability enhancements which becomes important with regards to large projects organization does. One of the usability enhancements we added recently is an option to export to external formats (like Word, PDF, links) all the project’s content with just a few clicks.

Users are able to define all content of interest and output formats and GRADEpro will prepare for them downloadable package with all the content grouped by PICO question.



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Rapid Decision Aids in GRADEpro - 06 November 2019

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One of the youngest products in our portfolio are customized Decision Aids, which creation guideline groups and organizations can order as an additional element of recommendation’s dissemination. One of such comprehensive decision aid examples can be found under the link below:

Problem with creating such a complex product adjusted to particular guidelines domain, taking into consideration many factors, like different audience groups, various preferences is the time required to prepare each of such presentations. 

Our newest rapid decision aids module allows creation of simplified, yet useful and well designed decision aids within significantly lower time frame. 

All the work is done within simple, yet powerful decision aids creator available as a module in GRADEpro project.

Users can customize the presentation, by creating and modifying chapters, adding elements like evidence tables, data tables, pictures, text customization. Also evidence table available for decision aids presentation can be modified to fit the final audience needs (patients).


Rapid decision aids are available in GRADEpro Enterprise license plan