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Happy New Year!!! - 31 December 2018

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We finish this year with a deep sense of satisfaction. The end of the year was very intense, but it resulted in many valuable meetings, trips and updates of GRADEpro software.

In September, we were present at the Guidelines International Network Conference in Manchester. This event gave us an opportunity to present a new tool, Interactive Decision Aid (iDeA). IDeA can help patients to understand experts’ recommendations. A tool can be customized to any needs of different groups of interest, as stake-holders, task-forces or patients and dedicated to chosen carrier as online tool, functionality on the website or a mobile application.


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ROBINS-I assessment integration - 21 December 2018

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ROBINS-I (Risk Of Bias In Non-randomized Studies – of Interventions) is a tool used to assess a risk of bias in non-randomized studies of interventions.



Outcomes in GRADEpro based on observational studies have now possibility to enable ROBINS-I assessment by clicking the checkbox, as presented on the illustration above. This will change the certainty of evidence calculation in evidence table and options available in risk of bias assessment to the one used in ROBINS-I method.

GRADE method calculates certainty of evidence in observational studies, starting from LOW (Which represents lack of certainty in non-randomized studies) certainty and lowering to VERY LOW with any other serious and very serious risk of bias/inconsistency/indirectness/imprecision or publication bias assessment.

ROBINS-I option modifies this method. Certainty of evidence of non-randomized studies starts from HIGH and is lowered by 1 level (HIGH/MODERATE/LOW/VERY LOW) each time risk of bias assessment is lowered.

Example: Outcome based on non-randomized studies with “very serious” risk of bias and “serious inconsistency” will be assessed as “VERY LOW” certainty of evidence.


Starting from HIGH

Lowered 2 levels to LOW for “very serious” Risk of Bias

Lowered 1 level to VERY LOW for “serious” inconsistency of data


You can learn more about ROBINS-I Tool here:


I have a problem with this functionality. Where can I ask for help?

Please send us a support ticket by using the “feedback” function in GRADEpro, or write us directly at