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30K Users and Multi Comparisons - 28 February 2018

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In February, we celebrated surpassing 30K users of GRADEpro. Your trust in GRADEpro and your active feedback are a real source of motivation for our team to improve and develop the tool. To be accurate, for those of you who are statistics fans, on the 1st of February, we recorded exactly 30,606 users, 54,281 projects, 115,674 questions , 46,397 questions imported from RevMan, and 13,943 iEtD recommendations.


Multi Comparisons

In the next step toward making GRADEpro even more useful for different groups and facilitating customized presentations of results, we’ve introduced a new module. Multi Comparisons, as the module name implies, enables users to compare multiple interventions between each other within a single recommendation framework.

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